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      聊城榮賀專業生產各種直管式空氣預熱器鋼管—耐候鋼管(考登鋼管)、耐酸鋼管(ND鋼管)、 耐候螺旋槽管、以及各種型號的回轉式空氣預熱器用考登鋼板,產品廣泛應用于鍋爐設備.擁有高精度專業耐候鋼管/考登鋼管/ND鋼管檢測設備:水壓試驗,渦流探傷檢測,光譜分析儀等高精度檢測設備.





    Our company specializes in producing all kinds of straight tube air preheater steel tubes - weather resistant steel tubes (Corden steel tubes), acid resistant steel tubes (ND steel tubes), spiral grooved tubes, and various types of Corden steel plates for rotary air preheaters. The products are widely used in boiler equipment, and have been unanimously praised by the majority of users. Now they have become fixed-point supporting production units of some large-scale boiler manufacturers. 


    The company has high-precision professional steel pipe testing equipment: water pressure test, eddy current testing, spectral analyzer and other high-precision testing equipment, all available. To meet the requirements of various high-end customers at home and abroad, and become a high-quality supplier of large customers at home and abroad.


    According to the design requirements of major boiler plants, the company replaces the products of Cor-ten steel in the United States and CRIA1 steel in Japan: Q345GNHL (old brand 09CuPCrNi-A) produced by Baosteel, Angang and WISCO, whose corrosion resistance is more than three times stronger than that of ordinary A3 steel pipe in the course of using. It saves a lot of steel and reduces the workload of overhaul. It provides a reliable guarantee for full generation of generating units, and also brings higher economic benefits for power plants.